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Access in Europe

You can open business with us in Europe in few easy steps, Because we are established company here full market knowledge and experience what to do how to do etc. 

Profitable Business

Your business and investment is safe with us, because of our past market experience your business will have maximum profit, if we operate the business A to Z. 

Kolt Joint Venture

Open business with our company, we will manage and operate the business on profit sharing basis, you and your team will also work here with us in Europe. 

Exclusive Partnership

With us you have chance to open and move your present business more better in Europe, Business set-up, Business Marketing/Sales, Business Operation's, Hiring etc,


Start Business With Kolt Ventures

Import - Export

Open with us Export - Import business trading, marketing, sales office, outlet here in Europe, you invest and operate business here with us together and spread your business with us all over Europe.  

Retail Outlets

Open your Brand outlets chain with us in Europe, Easy entry with us in the European market, Start with us in Romania and expand in other European countries joint venture partnership with us. 


European countries offer a lot of incentives to attract foreign investment and encourage companies to set up new factories in Europe. If you are thinking of opening a new factory in Europe, think about us.

Real Estate

Europe has the potential for high growth rates, and the population is expected to grow steadily. Our real estate finance skills are helpful in developing or investing in real estate assets in Europe.

Hotels / Resorts

Discover the long-term growth of a strong hotel / resort market in Europe. Profitable returns with premium development. Start a new profitable joint venture in Europe with us.


In addition to these five most lucrative sectors, there are a few other sectors that we can offer you a healthy joint venture or can, best business opportunity you can have, highly profitable, contact us for details.


What We Offer

We provide personalised solutions for individuals and companies looking to set up or expand business in Europe.

Business Setup

Establishing business in Europe is not so easy because of immigration restrictions etc. We provide all documentation and official services to enter the European market and provide a talented, highly motivated workforce and our management assistance to make your business profitable. 

Joint Venture

You can easily start your own new business in Europe, Don't worry, you can start a joint venture with us and get experienced partner for your new business, its very difficult for new business to enter and understand the market and immigration restriction etc will make it complicated, but with us you can have easy access. 

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Business Investments

If you are planning to invest your funds in a European business, think of us. We provide confidential and customized solutions to foreign companies seeking to establish a new business in Europe or expand an existing one with us on profit sharing basis. 

Make an Appointment

Contact us if you want to get started now. Leave your details with your needs and we will contact you soon with a great opportunity.

    Who We Are

    Our company has been established in Bucharest Romania since 2016. We are involved in multiple business sectors such as Liquor Manufacturer & Exporter, Export-Import, Event Management, Music Production, Online Retail based business and many more.

    We encourage entrepreneurs from all over the world to join us and invest in different sectors of Europe for an attractive profit.

    Mr. Pankaj Yadav

    CEO, Kolt Global SRL

    Why Invest in Europe

    Continuous support of the ECB

    The European Central Bank (ECB) has a variety of extraordinary monetary policy measures, such as fund injections, corporate debt purchases, and so on. European markets could benefit further from the ECB's continued monetary policy. Thus, business in Europe is less risky than in other countries.

    Increase in exports

    The move by the ECB coincides with a significant devaluation of the euro which is a great stimulus for European exporters, whose products and services become cheaper and more competitive in overseas markets, boosting exports to the US and the UK at the same time as an insulator of others against the recession of emerging markets. In the end this should be fed through better sales and profits.

    Global reach of European companies

    The global reach of European companies is evident in the breadth of their sources of revenue, with European-listed businesses deriving just over half of their revenues from overseas. It means that if the businesses are well managed ones, they can continue to outperform in falling as well as rising markets.

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